Gender Differences in the Effects of Community Violence on Mental Health Outcomes in a Sample of Low-Income Youth Receiving Psychiatric Care

  • Jenny Fauci Under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Goodman, from Boston College
  • Practitioner Commentary: Vivien Sun


Community violence exposure (CVE) represents a serious public health problem for youth. This study extends research in this area by examining how gender, type of violence (e.g. direct vs. indirect), and relationship to victims affects mental health outcomes in high poverty urban contexts in the U.S. 


Javdani, S., Abdul-Adil, J., Suarez, L., Nichols, S. R., & Farmer, A. D. (2014). Gender differences in the effects of community violence on mental health outcomes in a sample of low-income youth receiving psychiatric care. American Journal of Community Psychology, 53(3-4), 235-248.