A Randomized Controlled Trial Finds More Rapid Reduction in Alcohol Use and Partner Violence After a Brief Alcohol Intervention Among Hazardous Drinkers Attending an Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Intervention Program.

  • Hannah Seen
  • Adam LaMotte
  • Practitioner Commentary: Darald Hanusa


This study examined the efficacy of one-session (90-minute) intervention focused on problem drinking in a sample of 252 males receiving community services for IPV perpetration. Half of the participants were randomly assigned to receive the brief intervention that included motivational interviewing and personalized feedback on alcohol consumption and alcohol problems. Compared to the control group, men who received the brief alcohol intervention had less drinking days, fewer drinks per drinking day, and lower rates of severe partner assault and injury perpetration over the 3 to 6 month period after intervention. However, group differences dissipated by the 12 month follow-up. The results provide encouraging support for including alcohol intervention in IPV offender treatment while highlighting the need for additional strategies to promote long-term reductions in drinking and IPV