A 10-year Follow-Up Analysis of Criminal Recidivism Reveals That About Half of Male Domestic Violence Offenders Are Rearrested for Another Domestic Violence Crime

  • Jessica Maharaj
  • Christopher Murphy
  • Practitioner Commentary: Tony Gibart


Over a 10-year follow-up, male domestic violence (DV) offenders were equally likely to be arrested for other crimes (55.6% re-arrest rate) as for DV crimes (51.5% re-arrest rate). More youthful and unmarried participants and those with previous DV arrests had shorter time to new arrests for both categories of crime. Those with restraining orders had shorter time to DV re-arrest. Non-white participants and those with a history of drug or alcohol offenses had shorter time to new arrests for other crimes. The authors conclude that risk assessment with domestic violence offenders should consider both specialized and generalized patterns of re-offense.